Easy Crafts: Wrap Your Gift Inside a Plastic Bottle!

By Leslie Sausage

Perfect gift-wrapping for children's gifts!

This is a great way to recycle clear plastic soda or water bottles instead of a using gift bag. For a fun idea, mail the bottle with a gift or party invitation inside.

For each gift bottle you will need:

Use the knife to cut a slit in the bottle that is large enough to squeeze your gifts inside. You may need a bit of patience to get your gifts inside the bottle. It's going to be a tight fit!

Decorate the bottle!

For a baby shower gift, you might paint hearts, lambs, baby bottles, or any other baby items. For little boys, you might add cars, trucks, blocks or some sports related pictures.

If you need it quick, just add some stickers and use permanent markers to decorate.

Attach curly ribbon to the top. You can use the ribbon for a bow on top to hide the cap or just cover the cap with the wide ribbon and tie the curly ribbon around it.

Use your imagination!

These bottles can also be mailed:

Slip an envelope or index card inside with the mailing address and tape it to the inside of the bottle. Pack the bottle with the gift, plus brightly colored confetti or crumpled tissue paper. Use clear postage tape to seal up the slit.

A very cute gift presentation!

Copyright 2004 by Leslie Sausage

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