Home is Where the Mom is Painted Paper Heart Box

Supplies for Painted Paper Heart Box

This paper heart box is a craft paint project for all ages that can be adapted for many gift occasions. Paper boxes are available at craft and discount stores in a variety of sizes and shapes at very affordable prices. Add in some two-ounce bottles of craft paints in the colors of your choice, a crackly medium, and inexpensive craft brushes or even sponges and in a short time you'll have a personalized gift.

Supplies Needed

Painted Paper Heart Box

If mixing paint colors, be sure to have a suitable palette surface, rinse water and towels available. Paint the craft box in the desired bottom layer color. If desired, also paint the inside of the box--we used a different color for contrast. While waiting for the paint to dry print or stamp the sentiment on the vellum--we used MS Word to print "Home is Where the Mom is" in brown 24-point Vianta in a text box with a triple border. Trim the sentiment and spray with a workable fixative.

box top Painted Paper Heart BoxDecoupage Painted Paper Heart Box

When the paint is dry, put the top on the box and make a pencil mark where the lid ends. Remove the lid from the box and apply a small dot of decoupage glue to the box top and spread so that entire area sentiment will be on is covered. Wet the back of the sentiment and place on the decoupage glue. Use a damp sponge to push out any air bubbles. Allow to dry.

Tape Painted Paper Heart BoxCrackle Coat Painted Paper Heart Box

Cover the sentiment with Painter's masking tape. Wrap painter's tape around rim of box bottom where the pencil mark is so that the lid will fit back on. Apply a coat of crackle medium to box sides (we did not put crackle medium the bottom) and allow to dry.

Topcoat Painted Paper Heart Box

After the crackle medium has dried, apply a topcoat of craft paint. The topcoat will crackle after it has dried. Remove the painter's masking tape. Voila!

Painted Paper Heart Box