Mother's Day

A painted paper heart box project for all ages just in time for Mother's day. Uses a paper box, some craft paints in the colors of your choice, a crackle medium, and inexpensive craft brushes or even sponges. This is great Mother's Day project for all ages. It's a simple and quick way to personalize a gift of love.

Holiday Crafts

Holidays are always fun and exciting times, but often put time pressures on us that also add to our stress. Making crafts for the holidays can be a relaxing activity with friends and family. Taking the time to decorate your home for holidays may actually be good for you. Depending on the activity selected, it may even save money. A rainy day holiday craft project could even lead to a family tradition (that would make great annual scrapbook entries). Hand-made crafts make special gifts with that personalized touch.

Craft Image at Creative Geek

When selecting craft projects over the holidays, keep in mind the total time for completing the craft project. Just shopping for supplies can take a fair amount of time. Organizing for the project may also take some time. If many items are to be made, investing time in organizing first is very important to decreasing the total time on the project. Unless time is of no concern, a little bit of planning can save a lot of time and stress.

There are many craft projects that lend themselves to holiday themes. Hand-made magnets can be made with any holiday theme and make great small, inexpensive gift items. Wreaths can be constructed of a variety of materials and can be decorated for any holiday or special occasion (baby shower, new office, benchmark birthday).

When it is time to wrap up your gifts keep the creativity going. Buy only a roll or two of plain colored paper that can be used for many ocassions, and rubberstamp the wrap for each ocassion. A red and a green wrap can be dressed up with silver or gold stamped images (bells, holly) for Christmas or white balloons for birthdays. Use the gift wrap to accent handmade cards--cut-out squares or try an iris-folding type technique.

Expand your packaging options: decorate any container available. Try this great idea using a plastic bottle to package gifts.